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The use of Steel Handcuffs IS TORTURE!  We show you how and why this happens.

Tortured Over

4.53 Million Arrests!

Are we really doing what's right!?
  • U.S. Citizens
  • Arrested by COPS
  • U.S. Citizens
  • 0.006% of Children are placed in Handcuffs in Schools.

* A report by USA Today investigated the use of handcuffs in school arrests and found that over 28 million arrest records showed the handcuffing of young children, including those as young as 5 years old. However, the report does not provide information on the total number of arrests using handcuffs in the USA since 2013.

The result only shows 1.36% of the population, but is still 4.5+ Million people

There were over 4.53 million arrests for all offenses in the United States in 2021 alone. However, if we want to know how many citizens have been arrested in the past 10 years, we need to look at the overall trends.

According to the latest criminal conviction records, over 77 million Americans hold a criminal record, which makes up roughly one out of every three US adults. Around 10% of them (7.7 million) have been imprisoned at least once in their lifetime [3]. In addition, a report by the Brennan Center revealed that 576,000 people are imprisoned without any public safety reason, and they could have been sentenced to community service instead.

It is important to note that these statistics cover the overall population and not just citizens. Also, some individuals may have been arrested and convicted multiple times, so the number of arrests does not necessarily equate to the number of people arrested. In a typical year, about 600,000 people enter prison gates, 5 but people go to jail over 10 million times each year.

Overall, the number of citizens arrested in the past 10 years is difficult to determine, but the available data suggests that a significant portion of the US population has a criminal record, and many individuals may be incarcerated without a valid public safety reason.

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End Handcuffs: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the Use and Misuse of Handcuffs

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Deboraugh Rogers


Our community of freedom fighters are tired of uneducated Law Enforcement not knowing the laws, detain and arrest citizens for unlawful reasons, and using steel handcuffs as torture devices! Citizens are tired of the use for "Police Safety" Join our community and keep the pressure on law makers!

Deboraugh Rogers

Say "NO" to Handcuffs!

Deboraugh, a fierce freedom fighter has been through the battles of a tyranical Police Department. Not only with the Police, but the Cherokee Nation Tribal courts. Her story is truly one of our most heinous abuses of a citizen. Please help us bring her the support of our community.

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Our FREEDOM FIGHTERS are bringing you transparency, education, and a place to show the world how bad the use of Torture Cuffs has made our contry, all for Officer Safety"!

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Chille DeCastroThe Press & Auditor
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"Police officers are taught to use handcuffs for one of two reasons: Either to bring someone under control, or to deprive a person of the ability to flee. Unfortunately, it’s rare for handcuffs to be used correctly, and it can be difficult to tell if a person is cuffed too tightly or for too long."

NYC MAYOR: Eric Adams