My brother died in handcuffs

  • David Y.
  • City/State: Fairfax VA
  • Police Agency: US Park Police and Fairfax Cty Police

Guan died in the custody of the Fairfax County Police Department. His death was caused by head trauma from an Epilepsy seizure.

Arrested for doing the right thing

  • Johnny B.
  • City/State: Woodland, WA
  • Police Agency: Cowlitz County

Was picking up my wife's prescription and grabbed the phone off the counter not realizing it wasn't mine, got outside realized, and called the last number to call the phone. The guy shows up pulls the Karen narrative and calls the cops on me. I get arrested for returning guy's phone. That was the last time I went to jail.

Tortured at home and see what happened!

Torture cuffed in my own home

  • Mark G.

I was barely out of bed one morning when I heard a knock at my door. before I could even get to the door the cops were in my front door

neepheid — I've had worse marks on my forearm from playing my guitar for an hour....
Chille DeCastro — You call that injured? DID YOU SEE WHAT THE FILTHY COPPEsS IN VEGAS DID TO ME?They tortured me for 30 minutes. They pressed on my Ulnar nerve which cut off the blood flow to my hand, even though that is medically impossible. I wasn't able to pleasure myself for 2 days after....

A regular guys story

  • Greg B.
  • Date of Incident: 2023-03-20
  • City/State: Ontario, CA
  • Police Agency: OPP
  • Police Report #: #OPP12345A1

I was walking down Main St, coppers rolled up hard and heavy and drove right up onto the sidewalk in order to block my escape route.

Kate Peter — This is great for new content....