My brother died in handcuffs

  • How I felt.: Angry and Sad
  • David Y.
  • City/State: Fairfax VA
  • Police Agency: US Park Police and Fairfax Cty Police

Guan died in the custody of the Fairfax County Police Department. His death was caused by head trauma from an Epilepsy seizure.

The coroner made a report saying stress about being in handcuffs in a hot police custody van and could not stop his fall and he hit his head on a metal van seat. Temperature and humidity are very high where we live.

We can not get the news to bring attention to this because Korean people are invisible in America. However, we are still good American citizen people and we make money with honesty. My family has 21 souvenir food trucks for tourists in Washington DC and we sell for everyone. Trump Obama Reagan Bush Pence Biden Nixon we sell pride to everybody.
The police were Guan's friend and me also. They trade with us at our trucks. We give discounts and free water bottles also. We move trucks for the President and other important people. We are robbed and the police help us. We clean the street and no trash is available when we close. But now they kill my young brother and people should understand what the police do in real life.

Yes, my brother was making a protest with 100 people but only in a park with 1 paper sign. No gun no stick no knife no fighting no resistance. The video shows he is praying when he is arrested. I did not go to my truck for almost 1 year but stay in the office or buy stock instead. Cannot talk to policemen now. Was angry and sad and empty for Guan. Finally, I go on his passing anniversary but I drive his truck now.