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We are on a long journey into the future moving forward towards the Goal Post. We can only do this with your pledge to bring awareness to our mission to end the use of Torture Cuffs in our country.

Why are we asking for your donation

Are you concerned about the safety of marginalized communities, angry about the misuse of power by law enforcement, outraged by police brutality and racial profiling, frustrated by the lack of progress towards criminal justice reform?

End Torture Cuffs' goals:

Advocate for police reform, educate the public about the harmful effects of police violence,

Raise awareness about the need to end the use of handcuffs and torture cuffs, promote alternatives to policing, support community-based programs that promote safety and justice.

How We Can Help:, will provide information about the harmful effects of handcuffs and torture cuffs on individuals and communities, highlight the need for alternatives to policing, and provide resources for advocacy and activism. By using our website and social media platforms, you can engage with your audience, promote our message, and mobilize people to take action towards ending the use of handcuffs in America.

How will your donation be spent?

Proceeds will go to promote the use of handcuffs by members of our community that work with advertising, travel expenses, assistance to citizens in need, and for tools to help us all push our efforts to bring awareness, and transparency to government officials and law enforcement accountable. We are actively seeking a non profit status.

End Torture Cuffs Campaigns



The Deletelawz crew are fighting for Justice, the rule of Law, and accountability from Law Enforcement in America! Chille travels the country helping citizens and auditors with teaching them new skills and lessons on our Constitutional Rights in America. Law Enforcement doesn't know the law, and should be held accountable for all actions, words. and methodologies of dealing with citizens. We are here to show how Torture Cuffs bring the brutality to those who are justlly and unjustly arrested.

Please help us, teach citizens their Rights, how to use them, and how to hold our government accountable for their actions and words. Please help us continue the fight! It will take 100's of thousands of citizens to start making the change we need.



There was no need for any of it!

Deboraugh Rogers, a citizen from Oklahoma who was unjustly and unlawfully arrested on a bogus charge of DUI. She was brutally pulled from her car, beaten, and put in Turture Cuffs for dropping food off to a friend. Battered, beaten, demoralized, tazed 5 times, once in the head.

She was charged with DUI, resisting arrest, and a long standing fighting her charges.

End Torture Cuffs would like to accept any donations for Deboraugh which are paid directly to her via Paypal.

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